About Us

A Professional Network for Visual Artists, Photographers, ArtCollectors, and Gallery Owners

IMAGEKART is a team of professionals based out of Bhubaneswar,Odisha. We endeavour to provide a platform to all local budding and professional artists to get recognition and a good value for their art. Our aim is to make affordable original art accessible toeveryone, while supporting local Indian artists. We have original prints, oils, water colours, acrylics, mixed media works, photography,handi-crafts and etchings. IMAGEKART is a beautiful garden with colorful blossoms for art lovers and collectors – from those who already have hundreds of collections, to those who are just startingout. The biggest collectors in the world started off with one piece of art, so we believe that anyone can start an art collection, even on a strict budget.

We are also utterly passionate about supporting and nurturing emerging Indian artists, photographers and fostering innovative ideas and creativity around their work. Every artist and photographer represented by IMAGEKART have their own ‘Artist Page’ featuring artworks, interviews, and information about their career in the arts.When you buy a piece on Imagekart you know that you are supporting local artists and craftsmen in India. We believe there are so many undiscovered poor artists across the country and we want to do our bit to help you find them.

Specialthanks to our development team, photographers, editors and bloggersfor helping us make it a success.

Artistsfrom all over the world are welcome to send their profiles toIMAGEKART.

IMAGEKART will scrutinize each profile and send an invitation to select artists for featuring them on India art.com. The procedure for registration and the terms will also be mailed to the artists whom IMAGEKART wishes to feature on its art portal.

Wehave a special REQUEST A QUOTE page, where you can send us a requestfor any product you need and we will get that for you.