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Selling art, however, is not easy or a one night dream. It requires immense knowledge in your field and experience in marketing. Our mission is to help budding as well as professional artists, photographers, sculptors, and gallery owners start a business from home itself and without letting their precious artworks and handicrafts move door to door for sale. Also, for those local artists who are poor and experiencing a lot of financial pressures from gallery owners and art collectors charging a huge amount for exhibitions and shows, thereby, making them loose hope to earn.

When it comes to listing of your products on our website our team will assist you fulfill that. We will be marketing your products in other websites and social media to get maximum traffic. We will provide you a platform and conduct exhibitions in different cities to help you procure sales and recognition, rest all you have to do is share your artworks, prints and photography works among your circle through social media to get attention and more traffic to your account.


You can be a painter, sculptor or a photographer- any type of artist you are; we would love to connect with you to help you find out a living. Register and list your products on through our easy to use listing tools. Artists will have their own separate artist profile which will help buyers to know more about the artist, his skills, exhibitions, awards and recognitions. Encourage your folk artists too by helping them list their products on Imagekart because united we stand and divided we fall. Join our hands and see the difference.


Make your brand or products stand out from the crowd by advertising those through IMAGEKART SPONSERED PRODUCTS paying a small amount. Or you can do it yourself through excessive sharing over social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs etc free of cost.


Listing your products simply won't help; it is you who can boost the sales of your products better than anyone else. Besides being an artist or photographer, you have to be a good businessman too in order to be benefited. Keep track of your account performance through your personalized performance dashboard and reports. Be alert to pings and order notifications to deliver in time. We will be providing the giclee printing services through our vendor. To know about GICLEE PRINTING please click the link. All you need is to list high resolution photographs with us clicked using a DSLR. So that, when we receive an order from customer, we will use the source file for giclee printing and then ship it directly to buyers. Your copyright as an artist will be preserved. Feel free to deal with us.

You will get 24/7 Customer support to solve your queries as a seller as well as a buyer of art.


Take advantage of Imagekart's international logistics network for fulfilling your International orders.

Take advantage of Imagekart's international logistics network for fulfilling your International orders.

Fullfill orders from customers, wait for 15 days return period. Payment will be automatically credited to your IMAGKART SELLER ACCOUNT deducting all Imagekart charges. To initiate a tranfer of funds from your seller account to bank account Imagekart requires:

  • Valid credit card information for verifications and billing purposes
  • Valid bank details